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I'm a girl from Poland. Art, music, movies, cats, dogs and fashion are my thing.


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Quite great amount of things related to comics, sci-fi and entertainment: t-shirts, toys, collectibles and much more!



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Another site with some cool clothing, with many pop-cultural designs.

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The site is in Polish but it’s still a pretty cool place if you like funny t-shirts. Here are some cool ones:


Still around

Boy, oh boy, it’s been a while… I should visit this place more often I just tend to forget about it, funny. But to anyone who reads this- no worries, I’m around and doing ok.

Since the last update (back in 2012, whoa!) we’ve moved to our OWN small place that we can actually call HOME. It’s tiny, but damn, it’s OURS! We’ve also gained a bit of weight… He’s black, weights over 20 kilos, he eats our stuff and his name’s Karmel ;-) Have you ever seen that movie with Jen Aniston, Marley and Me? Oh, we’ve been there… 

As for other things, I’m watching tons of fashion-based shows recently (Project Runway- check. ANTM- check) and I’m slowly starting to think that maybe I should learn how to sew, since as far as I remember I used to design all kinds of clothes when I was a kid and it’s still somewhere in me, growing and growing inside. I “design” a bit at work and I know some basics but being able to create something by yourself would be immense.

That’s my goal for the future. What’s yours?



I feel the need of sharing some life stuff as I haven’t done that in ages and everyone should do that from time to time, just because.

And the BIG news is…

I live on my own now. Well, not quite on my own as I have that special someone to share my life with ;) And it’s fucking awesome.

That’s all.