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I'm a girl from Poland who loves digital art and photography, movies, music and cats.


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I feel the need of sharing some life stuff as I haven’t done that in ages and everyone should do that from time to time, just because.

And the BIG news is…

I live on my own now. Well, not quite on my own as I have that special someone to share my life with ;) And it’s fucking awesome.

That’s all.

2011 the sum up

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  • Link of the day: http://helpplz.info (a huge collection of DeviantArt’s plz accounts)

This is going to be a short one:

2011 was effin GREAT! See you all in 2012.

Sick, sick as a dog

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Spending a whole week in bed sucks hard. Kids, nights are getting colder, wear warm clothes.

Still, Sunday was good!

Daily Feature

If you have never been to shadowness be sure to check that site out! They feature art like crazy! ;)


Chad Love Liebercrap

I’m an active deviant (I visit www.deviantart.com few times a day, I post my works there, chat with people, watch a lot of artists and overall I’m pretty much aware of what’s going on on deviantArt).

Few days ago one of the artists that I follow posted a journal about a site called art4love.com owned by another artist, Chad Love Lieberman. If you googled him you’d find some articles about how great artist he is and how he sells his art for 20.000$ dollars per piece. You’d even find out he has an insurance on his balls, paying 800$ a month. But let’s move on…

The DA artist claimed that art4love site was selling some of his works without him knowing about that proceder for shitloads of money.Yes, I did feel sorry for the artist because I love my art and it was easy for me to imagine how he must’ve felt. But I moved on since I’m not that popular and let’s face it- who’d want to steal from an unknown artist, right? If I only knew…

The same day a friend of mine, another DA artist has posted a similar journal, except the site was called markyourspot.com. I thought- what the hell, I can spare some time to browse the site and let other artists know if I find any of their work. I’d want other people to do that for me. So I was browsing the site and couldn’t believe it. Each and every single page brought a work that I’ve already seen at deviantart. So I started sending notes to people but I gave up after a while since, believe me, I’d probably spend a whole night doing that. But decided to browse markyourspot just in case. And then I was hit straight into my face with a bag full of shit! Oh yes, there it was, one of my works, a collaboration with http://lillemorgull.deviantart.com! After seeing that I went deeper and found two more works (including a collaboration with http://womanwithagun.deviantart.com).

Yes, I got pissed. I immediately sent them an email asking politely to take my works down since I DID NOT give them my permission to post and sell my art. That was on August 17th. Up to this day I haven’t recieved any answers. I’m not surprised to be honest…

At this day both sites are closed but that’s not over yet. Many deviantArt fellows are in the same situation as I am. Personally I don’t think he sold anything from me but hell, in the end who knows?! After all he got his money somehow…

If you’re an artist and want to find out if your art was stolen too follow my DA journal. I’m updating it every once in a while with new links (including a link to screenshots of all works posted on art4love).


DeviantArt members have proved many times that in such cases we’re a one big family and you better don’t fuck with us.

Right timing for buying an insurance Mr Liebercrap.